carey odumCarey Odum joined the staff at Life Ministries Today in 2009 and serves the Lord as a part-time Discipleship Counselor.  Carey has always been drawn to serving others and has invested the past twenty years helping people in various capacities.  Regardless of where Carey is serving, his heart is and always has been drawn to caring for others.

Carey currently serves as Marketing Director for Ag-Pro Companies.  He is a founding member of the Duluth Rotary Club and through DRC spearheaded an effort to build thirty houses in Honduras after a devastating hurricane destroyed a major portion of the country.  Carey was awarded the International Service Award for this homebuilding initiative.  He was also recognized by the city of Miami for community volunteer efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew. His passion for helping others compelled him to start a driver’s education program in response to a local tragedy that took the lives of four adolescents. The program simulated hazardous road conditions with the goal of equipping young and inexperienced drivers and as a result, many lives have been positively impacted in the greater Atlanta area.

Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Communications from Valdosta State College, Carey joined the family retail business.  Carey met and married his wife, Patsy in 1977. They are raising two teenage daughters in Duluth, Georgia.  His retail expertise as well as his heart for volunteerism prepared him for the calling he would later receive in Discipleship Counseling.  Serving as a trained Stephen Minister and church elder reinforced his desire to help others.  Carey obtained additional training by completing an internship through the Association of Exchanged Life Ministries, which certified him as a Discipleship Counselor.  Carey serves on the Board of Directors for Life Ministries Today.

Carey’s Story…

Helplessly waiting during the longest night of my life, pacing the halls of Northside Hospital, wondering whether or not my daughter would survive the trauma of premature childbirth, I came to know the Lord in a very personal way.  My wife delivered triplets at 24 weeks, but only Rebecca survived.  I realized that I had no control over the lives of my precious babies and wife.  In those cold halls, without fanfare, I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ, who is in control of everything.  I experienced an inner peace for the first time—a peace not incumbent upon my current circumstances.

Sixteen years after this bitter-sweet night, a promising new business venture failed.  Broken, hurting, needing help, I embarked on the Discipleship Counseling journey. During this time, I discovered and experienced the reality that God is Who He says He is!  It was a profound realization for me.  For the first time, I was no longer defined by others’ opinions of me.  Success had always been determined by the bottom line.  Production and performance identified me.  Today, my identity rests in Christ and is not dependent on what I do for Him, but rather solely because I am His—no other reason.

During my long season of brokenness, I began to sense God’s call on my life to Discipleship Counseling. My deepest longing is for each person to experience the peace only God can give by knowing Him through the personal relationship He desires. Walking with others who are hurting while God opens their eyes to His truths is my greatest passion.

Carey Odum

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