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A Note From Bruce Hogarth

Life Ministries Today is a 501(C) organization funded primarily by the generous donations of our partners in ministry. Walking alongside individuals, couples and families, Life Ministries Today is committed to fulfilling God’s calling to discipleship counseling. Funds generated from participants in counseling cover the operational expenses of the organization. Staff salaries are primarily supported by the generosity of our donors.

Would you prayerfully consider financially supporting Life Ministries Today? Your help is needed to continue to partner with others to fulfill our mission of pointing others toward a life of freedom in Christ. God’s desire for every believer is to experience life in Him. The process of enjoying freedom in Christ is often costly and time consuming. Your participation in any way would be most gratefully appreciated. A portion of our clients are participating on a scholarship basis. Your donations help defray a portion of the counseling fees.

With the Spirit’s leading, if you, your church or someone you know would be interested in making a tax-deductible donation of any amount to Life Ministries Today, click the following link…

It is my prayer that as Life Ministries Today will bless and refresh you as your prayers and gifts continue to refresh us and that LMT will continue to share the good news of freedom in Christ: In Christ, Life and Life in Abundance!

── Bruce Hogarth


Donating Towards Scholarships

Scholarships are made available through the generous gifts of our donors. In keeping with our mission statement, Life Ministries Today desires for individuals, couples and families to experience “Life and Life in Abundance.” It is our desire that financial limitations never prevent anyone from discipleship counseling. Participants unable to pay for counseling services are allowed the opportunity to participate in the process without the added pressure of financial constraints. Life Ministries Today feels it is important for the participant, if at all possible, to demonstrate some level of fiscal responsibility in personal counseling. Scholarships are also available to defray the cost of retreats and Life Group resource fees.

If you are interested in partnering with LMT by becoming a Scholarship Partner, please designate on either your check or indicate on your PayPal form. (See link) For additional information, contact our office at

── The Staff at LMT