About Transformation


May I share my story? Bruce, you and Teresa have forever changed my life and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

For most of my adult life I lived in darkness.
I partied with the best celebrities and VIPs all over the country.
I’ve been a  player, a liar, a drinker, and I’ve smoked weed.
I’ve had sex with countless women.
I was certain all the things above made me a man.

However, after experiencing all of that and more,
I was still empty and lonely inside.
I felt so much darkness in my life;
I was lost.

I Believed

I believed
having the best looking women,
hanging with celebrities and
living a show room life was the only way to live.

I Lost

So many losses along the way, Bruce…
When I was younger, my mother turned her back on me and
my father passed away.
My daughter’s mother was taking me to court for additional child support.
I lost my job,
my future wife, and
had to forfeit the deposit for the wedding,
I was so empty and lonely inside, I’ve even tossed around thoughts of suicide.

On top of that people were trashing my name. A song by Marvin Sapp, “He Saw the Best In Me,” comes to mind when I think on how the world tried to take me out.

Well, let me tell you the shouting news?  On January 2010, I was born again. My whole life changed right in front of me! I spent three days locked in my home office shedding tears, praying and being born again.

But God…

In my darkest hours, Jesus was my shining light. I was broken.
When everyone had turned their back on me, Jesus was there for me reassuring me everything will be fine if I learn to let go and trust him.  And I did!

Ever since that day, I view the world in a whole different light. The emptiness that was inside of me is now filled with his love, mercy and spirit.

I no longer live that showroom life or walk in darkness.  I walk around now with my head held high and my chest in the air because I know Jesus loves me and I love him. There is no greater feeling then to lay you’re head down at night and sleep in peace!

“But now in Christ Jesus you who were once far away
have been brought near by through blood of Christ.
For He Himself is our peace.”
Ephesians 2:13-14a