About Beliefs

A close friend stopped in to visit one afternoon only to find me sobbing over a hurtful letter I had just received in the mail from a loved one. After listening to the details, she suggested that I needed counseling. Not feeling “up to the task,” I ignored her advice. Time marched on and I was still hurting. I was trying to mask my pain by staying busy and setting up my world to appear perfect, but the reality was my coping strategies were no longer working. Again, my friend recommended I see a counselor from Life Ministries Today. Sensing my reservations, she assured me the process was biblically based. I reluctantly agreed and began the discipleship counseling process. Led by the Holy Spirit, Bruce helped me understand how I was living life out of a faulty belief system that was formed in my early years. The reasons for my performance-based lifestyle became clear. So many behaviors were explained! At first, I was skeptical, but he patiently walked with me, helping me understand what made me tick. As a result of discipleship counseling, I now understand my identity no longer comes from what I do, but rather from Whose I am! Freedom in Christ and a life lived surrendered to Him is the message of Life Ministries Today and I am forever grateful that the Lord led me to LMT and that I cooperated with Him on the journey.

—Atlanta, Georgia