Not wanting to let go of the reigns, reluctant to trust God has been my greatest struggle. I have known the Lord for a very long time but never considered the implications, positive or negative, of living a life surrendered to Christ. For me, surrender seemed like it was a sign of weakness. Appearing strong and put together was very important to me. Through the counseling process, Life Ministries Today helped me understand that surrender was not a resignation to my present circumstances, but rather a choice to trust God even if nothing or no one around me changed. I am learning that when I surrender, I relinquish control, and as a result, I no longer strive, I more readily embrace my circumstances, and allow Him to direct the path in front of me. Trusting God and clinging to Him regardless of how life is playing out, has been a wonderful, surprising, delightful journey! The choice to surrender has been and continues to be a process, but I am experiencing an inner peace and joy that was lacking.

—Sandy Springs, GA