Teresa HogarthTeresa Hogarth is your first encounter with Life Ministries Today.  Her pleasant demeanor paves the way for a positive experience in the discipleship counseling process.  Teresa’s warmth and engaging personality, coupled with her organizational skills provide an atmosphere that is comfortable as well as professional.  As the office administrator, Teresa coordinates scheduling, events and communications for Life Ministries Today.  Teresa counts it a privilege to have a part in the process of seeing lives transformed as individuals understand and experience “Christ is Life!” and for the first time, enjoy freedom and rest in the abundant life God promises.  “My desire is to make everyone that calls or walks through our door feel welcome, comfortable and safe.”

Born in Lexington, Kentucky, Teresa lived and traveled all over the world as the daughter of an Army Military Chaplain.  While attending Oklahoma Wesleyan University, she met her husband, Bruce Hogarth. She earned a degree in Office Administration and following graduation, the couple was married in 1981. Teresa’s greatest passion is partnering with Bruce in ministry and spending time with her family. Bruce and Teresa have four sons: Kyle (and his wife Elisabeth), Braden, Zachary, and Ryan.

Teresa’s Story

“I was raised in a Christian home. I always had knowledge of the Christian life but did not experience a true conversion until the age of fourteen. The environment in which I was raised was safe and secure.  My marriage to Bruce immediately upon graduation held promise of the continuation of the comfortable life I had enjoyed up until this point. My life was now seemingly complete and secure.  My thinking assumed any problems would be manageable and within my ability to control. If I did all the ‘right’ things, than there would be no worries.

“The twelve years that followed taught me all the things I didn’t know about life, how little control I had over my circumstances, and how my efforts to order my life to avoid problems was not working.  My inability to control my life came to a screeching halt when I realized I needed to trust God and allow Him to take charge of my life. I could not, in my own strength, manage.  For the first time, I surrendered to Him.  The freedom of letting go and allowing Him to live through me has been a life-changing experience.  This journey has allowed me to be His daughter and embrace His love for me.  His love for me is personal, infinite and immeasurable! I am grateful for the years of testing that have brought Bruce and me to Life Ministries Today.”

Teresa Hogarth

To contact the office for questions or to schedule an appointment with our staff, please contact:

Teresa 678-762-9295