Who participates & why?

Generally, fulfillment and identity are sought in relationships, occupation, marriage and children. Recognizing these pursuits fail to deliver the desired results, people seek answers to life’s tough questions. Some of the questions asked are:

  • Why am I so frustrated?
  • Why does this keep happening to me over and over again?
  • How do I get off the treadmill of life that seems to go nowhere?

Individual partners with the discipleship counselor at LMT in a journey that explores the motivations behind these empty over the age of 14, male and female, individuals, couples and families.

What can I expect?

LMT partners with disciples in a process of questioning and listening that examines:

  • how life is lived on a daily basis
  • what a belief system is and how an individual’s belief system determines choices
  • why choices are made based on an examination of
  • generational patterns
  • childhood experiences
  • where the belief system began
  • who God designed them to be from before time and eternity

How long does each appointment last?

The length of appointments vary…

  • one hour sessions
  • two hour sessions
  • half-day sessions and full-day sessions (for out-of-town participants)

How much does each session cost?

  • Affordability should NEVER be a deterrent in decision-making process!
  • Individuals receiving help are encouraged to support this nonprofit ministry.
  • Appointments are priced at a suggested rate of $95 per hour.
  • Scholarships are available. Contact our office at 678.762.9295 for more information.

What differentiates LMT from other counseling ministries?

Counseling is biblically-based, Christ-centered, and belief-system oriented. LMT will explore how one’s belief system originated, developed and continues to influence life. The counselor partners with participant as a new belief system rooted in one’s identity being in Christ replaces the false belief system.